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MyRandomPay - Where EVERY Member Earns!

There Are Many Reasons Why So Many People Are Joining MRP!


We have taken a look at all the M2M sites online and whilst there are some good sites around, they ALL have 1 thing in common:

Unless you know how to promote or have a big team to bring in, in most cases you'll be left high and dry when it comes to creating a substantial income for yourself!

This will NOT happen - EVER - with this revolutionary script that drives MyRandomPay! Not only do you still earn from referring (sponsor receives $5 from EVERY personal referral), over time you will also receive RANDOM PAYMENTS from new people joining us, we have also made sure that EVERY New Member that joins, will receive a payment ASAP, all backed by our 100% 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! The Join Fee is a ONE TIME Payment of only $20!


If you do NOT earn at all within 30 days after you joined - We will refund your Join Fee of $20 (as long as you advertise your referral link for 30 Days) - Period!


There Is NO Reason At All That Should Stop You From Taking Action


MyRandomPay takes all the hassle away from transactions and makes it possible for you to send money to the admin, your sponsor, 1 New Member and 3 Random Members all in 1 payment.

MyRandomPay is a great way to earn money and the procedure behind it is 100% transparent. This is why, this simple system works wonderfully, and everybody is rewarded with a great return within a short period of time, even faster if you introduce new members to our program yourself!

But, we believe that you know it by now, and that's why you're here in the first place.


IMPORTANT: When joining, make sure to add your correct Bitcoin wallet address as all payments to you are processed using BTC ONLY!
Make the payment of $20 via CoinPayments on the payment page using any of the available options as shown below and wait for your payment to be approved, you make just 1 payment, we take care of the rest!



Here is How it All Works


You make your payment of $20 in 1 simple payment.
We take care of of the 6 payments : 1 admin payment, 1 sponsor payment,  3 random payments and 1 payment to a member with NO earnings.
The first payment of $3 goes to Admin, who host & maintain our Website,  approve Ads,  handle support tickets and cover the payment fees.


The next payment of $5 goes to your sponsor to reward his/her advertising efforts

3 payments ($3 each) will go to Members who are selected at Random from our database and the last payment of $3 goes to 1 Member who has not earned at all yet as we don't leave anyone empty handed.

That's why EVERY member here at MRP Will Earn - PERIOD! Backed by our 30 days 100% Money Back Guarantee!


Once all the payments are completed, Your affiliate website is created with your username, which makes you eligible to earn from your direct referrals as well as receiving random payments from all new members.

You'll receive $5 from ALL your direct referrals - It pays to advertise.

In addition, you receive 25,000 banner credits to advertise your other opportunities!

See? Our System Is Very Simple. You help other members, and other members will help you.

Receive only 7 Random Payments of $3 each and every payment thereafter is pure PROFIT - This is based on having NO Referrals

Over time - You will earn a significant amount of bitcoin for yourself and your family. Click The 100% Money Back Guarantee button below and start your Journey To Success






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